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rubber chucky vacuum chuck sealVacuum chucking is becoming more common. From home built systems to more expensive commercial systems, they all have some common issues. One of those is getting a good seal between the chuck and the bowl.

The editor of the Segmented Woodturners newsletter recently tested out a new rubber chuck gasket specifically made for the OneWay™ Vacuum Drum Chuck and the Hold Fast™ Drum Chuck. He reports that the OneWay™ version fits his chuck perfectly, is robust and that he has seen good results. This is a reusable seal that does not require any adhesive. You can check them out at


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the kind words about the vacuum seals and the link to my web site. I have had many positive emails from various customers. One of particular interest was that they can be washed. This came from a customer who buffs all his turnings. He told me that he had to throw away the old handmade seals after buffing a piece and that these seals make things much easier – this turner is 84 years old!!

    I have allot of new products forthcoming. Slated for September is a PVC Vacuum Kit that threads onto the spindle. If anyone has any questions about any of my products, please feel free to contact me.

    I try to support AAW clubs with their fundraising – so please have someone from your club contact me if I can be of help.

    Kindest regards,

    Don Doyle
    Rubber Chucky Products,LLC

  2. I ordered three seals from Rubber Chucky for the PVC fittings that go into the vacuum hub I got from JT Turning Tools. Good idea, poor execution. The seals were so far out of square with the face of the chuck they were virtually unusable, and there was not enough material to true them up without destroying them. I can only guess that the seals made for the OneWay and WoodFast products are better.

    The hub from JT works extremely well, is precision machined and makes a perfectly concentric chuck when it’s put together with the adapter correctly. I ‘ll keep making the seals from closed cell foam and forming them with a groove cut into MDF. Perfectly square chucks every time.

  3. Jeff,

    Here it is November and I just happened to see this post. I wish you would have contacted me concerning this situation. If you are dis-satisfied with my product, I will gladly rectify the situation.

    But,first let me state that I don’t know how you are using the seals. They were NOT designed for the JT system and are not advertised as such. They are designed to be put on a certain brand of PVC fitting. All PVC fittings are not created equal!!

    I will also try to contact you via email. But, I just wanted people to know that I stand behind my products. All you had to do was call or write.

    Don Doyle
    Rubber Chucky Products, LLC

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    Don – I too am looking at your website and product for the PVC Chucky for the JT Turning Tools PVC adapter. Like the previous poster, I am currently using Fun Foam but it’s not great IMHO. Your product looks MUCH better. I’d like to know if it works well for this use.

  5. Jeremy,

    As stated before, my seals were not designed specifically for the JT Vacuum System.

    It is my understanding that the JT System requires that you purchase your own PVC – not necessarily a coupling.

    My seals fit PVC Couplings. Refer to my site for an explanation of how couplings are sized and which seals fit those couplings.

    The couplings that I have found to be the most consistent size wise are those made by Genova and are available at most True Value hardware stores. These are the ones I supply with my vacuum system.

    If you order my seals, I can also supply the couplings if you can’t get them locally.

    If you have any other questions, you can email me at If you wish you can leave your phone number and I will be glad to call you.

    With regard to the previous poster, I tried to contact him and never got a reply.

    Once again, I stand behind my products.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Don Doyle

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