Segmented Woodturners July Chapter Summary

tempestuous (adj) frequently turbulent and giving rise to many emotions
"tempestuous (adj) frequently turbulent and giving rise to many emotions" by Robin Costelle
The Segmented Woodturners virtual chapter of the AAW has released the July Club Summary. Here are some of the goings on:

June was membership month and although over 700 people have paid to become members, only 260 have renewed so far. In a few weeks the membership level of those who do not renew will be downgraded and they will no longer have full access to the site. If you are a member and have not renewed, or would like to become a member, go to the Segmented Woodturners website.

The chapter met at the AAW Symposium in St. Paul and had a good turnout. There was a discussion about “Chapter Challenges” and it was agreed that this was something that could be done as a virtual chapter. Look for more information to come.

"Revealings" by Al Fox
Planning for the next segmented symposium is going on. The date has been set (subject to change) for Oct. 19-21, 2012 at South Lake Tahoe, CA. Still looking for suggestions for demonstrators.

Board elections were held and the new board members are:

  • Bill Kandler – member-at-large
  • Dennis Keeling –member-at-large
  • Phil Miller – member-at-large
  • Jim Rodgers- Secretary
  • Ron Sieloff – Treasurer
  • Harvey Crouch – Vice President
  • Malcolm Tibbetts – President

Here is a link to the new board photos and bios:

"You Gets No Bread With One Meatball" by Malcolm Tibbetts
Some of the current forum discussions include:

  • different ways that people use both turning scrapers for shaping and cabinet scrapers for finishing
  • opinions on the best 12” disk sander
  • choice for finish and how they apply it
  • detailed conversation about vacuum pumps

The forum also had a discussion about stave construction using a router and ended up with a tutorial and additional resources.

The chapter website received 5,016 unique visitors in June and 255,355 page views.