Tips for creating a new listing in the SPSW Classifieds

1. You must register on the SPSW website and be logged in. Check this page for help:
2. Select a category from the Ad Category pull down.
3. Your name, from being logged in, should show in the User field. Hit continue.
4. Enter your ad title, contact name, email, phone number and city.
5. In the item price field enter only numbers. Do not use any symbols, i.e. $.
6. Provide detail information on your item.
7. Enter the check value and hit continue.
8. Upload up to 4 images. Works best if you keep the images to around 500 x 500 pixels.
9. Hit place ad.

Your ad should go live immediately. The admin will need to approved your images but that should occur within 24 hours. If you think your item does not fit within the existing categories please email me at and let me know what you are listing and what category you think should be added. You can also email me for any other issue you are having with getting your ad loaded.

Once your ad has been placed you should get an email that provides you with a link to edit your listing.