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  1. Hey guys, new member here. Looking for a mentor. Been turning for only a few months, my father-in-law let me use a small Craftsman mini-lathe. Having a lot of trouble with it and could use some input.

  2. Hello SPSW. I am looking for somewhere with appropriate tools and guidance, to try out woodturning. Total novice here. Does SPSW teach classes too? Input welcomed. Also, do you need to be strong to do this? Thank you in advance for any info. Sherri Stern

    1. I would recommend that you attend our next chapter meeting. This month we are having a mini-symposium where several members will be demonstrating different processes, techniques and skills. We can also introduce you to our Mentoring Chairperson. He will be a great resource for you as well. Our March meeting is on March 16th at 6:30 p.m. Location info is located under “About” on the website menu.

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