AAW Message

Note – The following is a message from AAW Executive Director Phil McDonald

As 2013 draws to a close, I have the pleasure of reflecting on nearly two years since I arrived at the AAW. I relish every opportunity I’ve been given to contribute to this extraordinary organization and to the mission of educating others. And along the way I’ve been captivated by the wealth of personal stories shared with me by members as a testament to how the AAW has benefited the lives of others.

Every member counts, and every gift directly helps to support the work we do. 2013 has proven to be an excellent year for AAW. Our membership exceeded 15,000, an all-time high. We launched a new scholarship program to two major craft schools in conjunction with our local chapters. Over $35,000 in Educational Opportunity Grants were distributed. Publication of our Woodturning FUNdamentals digital resource entered its second year and subscriptions are climbing. And I am indebted to my tremendously dedicated staff of three here in Saint Paul, Linda, Jane and Tib, and of course Betty Scarpino, editor of our journal, who have ensured we consistently deliver top service to the entire membership throughout the entire year.

Your donation to the AAW is vital to sustain our momentum and to meet the challenge of higher operating expenses as we grow and it will enable us to continually add to the value of membership. In February we will be launching a new website and online member relations system. We have intentions of expanding the page count in future issues of American Woodturner and publishing new digital and mobile editions. We’ve heard the call from members to present more online instructional videos. And in the Spring of 2014 we are planning to publish the next round of instruction books in our new woodturning workbook series.

We have made it extremely convenient to donate at any level your budget may allow, by either using our online fundraising site by clicking here, or by simply mailing a check or calling our Saint Paul office. In recognition of your tax-deductible contribution we are offering Thank You gifts at each of the following levels of giving:

For a $100 minimum gift: A complete set of the new three-book AAW “Elements of Woodturning” workbook series.

For a $50 minimum gift: Any one book from either the AAW “Getting Started in Woodturning” or the “Elements of Woodturning” workbook series.

Our success in 2013 is a direct result of your support together with the AAW Board’s commitment to the oversight and stewardship of all of AAW’s financial and organizational resources. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. I extend my deepest appreciation for your longstanding loyalty to our mission. If you would like more information on how to donate, please contact me.

Yours respectfully,

Phil Sign