Let’s Have a Party!

snowmenDo you believe it? Christmas is once more upon us and it is time for our annual Christmas Party and Potluck Dinner.

Let’s all get together on Thursday, December 19th (that would be this Thursday night). Everyone is invited. Bring your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever.

The festivities begin at 6:00. As always, their will be presents and prizes and lots of good food. However, the food depends on you. This is a potluck, the quantity and variety depend on you. People whose last names begin with A thru Z, that would Abeles thru Zandell, should bring their favorite main dish, side dish, soup, salad, or most especially desert. If your name does not start with A thru Z, you should check your birth certificate and bring some food any way.

Almost forgot. If you have a special turning please bring it with you to share with the other people at your table.

Hope to see you all there on Thursday night!