Texturing 101

_DSC1961-LIf you were at our October mini-symposium one of the demonstrations you would have seen was basic texturing given by our membership director Stan Gardner. Stan showed us several different tools and techniques used to add interest to turnings.

If you are an AAW member you received the December, 2013 issue of American Woodturner. In it is a nice article by Mike Peace titled Texturing and Spiraling. In this article Mike explains the difference between texturing and spiraling wheels and shows how to use each on spindles, bowls and platters.

This is a good instructional article, one of many you can find in American Woodturners, with many pictures so you get a good visual of the correct way to use these tools. Check it out!

If you are not a member of AAW, why not? The subscription to American Woodturner is worth more than cost of the membership. Otherwise, you can pick up a copy at your favorite woodworking store.