SPSW Member Profile – Eric Lofstrom

Eric Lofstrom Hollow Vessel

How long have you been turning and what interested you in wood turning to start with?
I have been turning since January 2002. I saw a demonstration at the Sumner Woodworker Store on how to turn a pen & letter opener set and couldn’t believe how fast a finished product could come from a raw chunk of wood. My wife bought me a lathe for Christmas and that is all it took to completely hook me!

Do you have a particular type of turning you prefer over another? Bowls, pens, spindle etc…

I like ALL types of turning. I feel like I’m still searching for my turning niche. I find a huge amount of satisfaction in just making shavings no matter what project is in front of me! I also prefer smooth flowing curves and a sense of balance in whatever I am turning.

What is your favorite wood to turn?

I really don’t have a single favorite wood because it depends on the project. Currently, my favorite woods to turn are: Maple, Madrone, Alder, and Cherry because they are readily available and cut nicely with a sharp tool.

Eric LofstromWhat was your inspiration for the hollow vessels you brought to the meeting…?

My parents. My mom is an avid quilter and also weaves, my dad is a song-writer and musician. The vessels have elements to honor both of them; basket weave style texture with quilt squares and the glowing of light from the guilded inners.

How long did it take you to make the hollow vessel (above)?

It’s hard for me to say exactly, as I get so involved in the process that I typically lose all track of time. I would guess that the larger vessel took about 1 hour on the lathe and approx. 12 hrs. off the lathe with embellishments.