Woodturning Fundamentals

The AAW has just announced a new program called Woodturning Fundamentals. This program will focus on skill building for turners by providing information and resources on safety, basic turning techniques, and reference materials for equipment. The Woodturning Fundamentals web page is available to anyone with an interest in woodturning!

AAW members will be able to subscribe at no cost to a bi-monthly e-newsletter that will feature how-to projects, instructional videos, and tips to get you started! There will also be a Q&A section that will feature questions submitted by e-newsletter subscribers.

The Woodturning Fundamentals Committee is made up of teachers and experienced turners who are eager to share their expertise: Kurt Hertzog (Chair), Nick Cook, Joe Herrmann, Beth Ireland, Linda Ferber, Mark Knierim, Keith Tompkins, and Rob Wallace