International Woodturning Exchange Auction

Guilio Marcolongo
Donated turning by Guilio Marcolongo
Internationally renowned artists from the world-wide woodturning community have generously donated their work for an EBay auction to support a unique and exciting International Woodturners Exchange (IWX) program. This will be an unprecedented opportunity to purchase beautiful wood art, while at the same time supporting cultural, educational and inspirational exchange programs for the international woodturning community. These programs will fund: (1) future two-way exchanges, (2) recognizing individuals who have promoted and fostered international cooperation, and (3) developing educational programs to celebrate how our cultural differences influence how we view, interpret and share our woodturning passion. These goals are currently being discussed by members of the American Association of Woodturners from the USA, Britain, France, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Germany. The name of this discussion group is Turners Without Borders (TWB).

Artists that are donating works for this cause include:

  • Eli Avisera
  • Kip Christiansen
  • Jack Devos
  • Sharon Doughtie
  • Bonnie Klein
  • Binh Pho
  • Al Stirt
  • Andi Wolfe

As of now these items have not yet been listed in the IWX store on eBay, but they should be there shortly. You can see some on the items on the IWX webpage.

Your generosity will help foster the spirit of cooperation and friendship in the global community of woodturners.