December – Christmas Party

SantaIt is time again for our annual Christmas Party. We have changed the format a little this year. There will be prizes for everyone and drawings for some of the items our fantastic vendors have provided to us.

This year we will have a sit down potluck dinner. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite side dish or hot dish. If you are confused, check Wikipedia for a definition of side dish.

All of the desserts will be provided by our own wonderful Beth Hauge. Several people have asked me what to bring, including Beth. In her words, “What is your favorite dessert?” This will explain the deviled eggs with sprinkles on them.

Bring your significant other. (That is as politically correct as I get.) This is a PARTY!

We will be having Show & Tell at each table, so bring one of your favorite items. (I am still short a few Christmas presents, so if they are not your favorites, you can always donate them to my cause.)

No matter what, show up. The doors open at six.