AAW Board Message

Note – The following is a message from AAW Board member Cassandra Speir

casandra speier2013 Elections for AAW Board Officers are now officially over. As I reflect on this annual process, it occurs to me this is a time for “Thank you’s” to be made.

Thank you to all our AAW volunteers! This seems inadequate, as our organization would not function without the hundreds of volunteers and the thousands of hours invested. But, this is what woodturners do: they continually “pay it forward,” whether it is manning the Instant Gallery at a symposium, demonstrating at their local chapter, writing an article for the Journal, mentoring a new turner, or volunteering for any of the million other jobs involved in running AAW.

Thank you to our outgoing officers. Jean LeGwin has served two full terms on the AAW Board, and for most of these six years, served as Chairperson of the Publications Committee. She, along with Editor Betty Scarpino, has taken the Journal to even greater success. It at times has been a full- time job and sometimes a thankless task. We thank Jean, for her hard work, dedication, and commitment. Warren Carpenter will be leaving after serving three years, most of which he spent as Treasurer and Chairperson of the Finance Committee. Warren invested countless hours working diligently (and with much hair pulling) to get our books and finances organized. It was a daunting task, but by the end of his term, the AAW will be a better organization as a result of his hard work. Thank you, Warren, for your time, energy, brainpower, and your always gentle nature.

Kurt Hertzog has been re-elected for his second term. Kurt has served as Chairman of Educational Opportunity Grant and Symposium Committees. His amazing organizational skills and political savvy helped to produce the successful 2012 Symposium in San Jose. Thank you, Kurt, for all you’ve done in the last three years, and for all you will do in the next three.

Now for our new board members: Rob Wallace and Lou Williams, two very talented professionals who bring a broad scope of experience to the board. Thank you in advance for the time and energy you will invest, the countless hours serving on various committees, the battles you will fight, and, I am sure, the successes you will have. Just a caution from a veteran…be careful what you wish for!

I have had the privilege of serving on the AAW board for four years. It has been four years of great change and sometimes controversy. And, I am proud to have been a part of the team that led these changes. I am looking forward to the remaining two years. Thank you to the members who had the confidence in me to vote me onto the AAW Board.