WOO Annual Symposium

woodturners of olympia logoThe Woodturners of Olympia are holding their annual Creativity in Woodturning symposium on July 23rd featuring Mike Mahoney and Stephen Hatcher. This all day event will include demonstrations on:

– how to cut a log to get the best blanks for turning
– establishing design, form and finish
– popping the grain
– nested natural edge bowls
– making an heirloom bowl or platter

Stephen Hatcher will also be conducting two all day workshops on the 24th and 25th.

Registration cost to the symposium includes a gourmet meal. More information and the registration form can be found on the Woodturners of Olympia symposium information page.

About the Turners

Mike Mahoney, Provo, UT

mike mahoneyMike Mahoney has been a professional wood turner since 1994. His bowls are featured in galleries across the United States. Mike’s work is sought after by collectors all over the world. Mike is often requested to demonstrate and teach for wood turning clubs, craft schools and symposia. He has traveled around the world to discuss and demonstrate his craft. He is considered an authority in woodturning. Mike is passionate about his craft and the American Craft movement. He is dedicated to producing quality craft and educating the public about woodturning. His wood comes from urban sources (tree trimmers and local cities). He produces all of his work on the lathe without any embellishments after the fact, creating a very traditional feel with contemporary ideas. He wants his work to be attractive as well as useful.

“For my work to be admired is one thing, but for my work to be used fulfills my purpose as a craftsman.”

Stephen Hatcher, Olympia, WA

stephen hatcherStephen is an artist who works with wood and stone, lathe turning platters and vases from wood and then inlaying mineral crystals to create images of striking beauty. He has merged the disparate techniques of woodturning and stone carving, resulting in work that is unique both technically and in style. The pieces are made from highly figured woods where each design is inspired first by the wood figure that presents itself and the best form to capture that figure. The inlay designs are uniquely hand carved and created with layered translucent crystals. These designs and principally inspired by the changing seasons and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest as well as the traditional art forms of Japan.