Turning Tool Series

There are four woodturning magazines I am aware of: Fred Holder’s More Woodturning, Woodturning Design, The AAW’s American Woodturner and Woodturning out of the U.K.

Woodturning has several tutorials for different types of turning, tools, materials and interviews with Woodturners. They have been running a series on basic use of various woodturning tools so if you have prior issues or access to them through your club you may want to take a look. These are from the last 18 months:

April 2010 Using Scrapers Effectively, Part 1
May 2010 Using Scrapers Effectively, Part 2
October 2010 Spindle Roughing Gouge
December 2010 Skew Chisel, Part 1
January 2011 Skew Chisel, Part 2
February 2011 Bowl Gouge, Part 1
March 2011 Bowl Gouge, Part 2
April 2011 Parting Tool
May 2011 Flat Gouge
June 2011 Spindle Gouge