Sept. Woodturning Fundamentals

The AAW has published the latest edition of Woodturning Fundamentals. This month’s edition includes:

  • An explanation by Keith Tompkins of why honing your turning tools after grinding them will give a cleaner cut on your wood and a longer lasting edge.
  • Kurt Hertzog’s article on how to choose the right woodturning class
  • Part III of Setting Up Your Workstation by Rob Wallace. Rob covers Tool Management and Personal Protection Equipment
  • A tutorial and video by John Lucas on making round and square mirrors from scrap wood
  • An article by Nick Cook, reprinted from the summer 2001 American Woodturner, on turning bedposts
  • A nice video tip from Stuart Batty on using a spindle turning gouge for knocking down the corners of a block
  • A well written article by Jim Rogers on the key considerations when designing and building a segmented turning

Woodturning Fundamentals is a nice compliment to the bi-monthly American Woodturner, especially for those of us who are newer turners. This is just one more benefit of membership in the AAW.

You can sign up for Woodturning Fundamentals here.