Segmented Turners October Chapter Summary

Minature Vessel by Curt Theobald
Minature Vessel by Curt Theobald
The Segmented Woodturners virtual chapter of the AAW has released the October Club Summary. Here are some of the goings on:

The first chapter challenge is coming to an end. There are over 25 entries. The first challenge forced members to really focus on “form;” only one wood species was allowed. The entries are in the gallery and members can vote for their favorite before October 31st. There are several amazing pieces that encourage consideration of other segmenting options than just contrasting colored wood.

Castle by Dennis Keeling
Castle by Dennis Keeling
The forum has had several discussions. Here is just a sample:

  • Discussion about leaving comments. Many submissions to the gallery request feedback. But several people commented that they forgot to post that request with their photo. In the end, there is a new message at the top of the forum for members to add constructive and respectful critiques to photos that are posted and to say so if no comment is desired. Agreement was that nearly all of the members are looking for input to help them improve their craft.
  • There was a discussion about sharpening band saw blades with vinegar! This is one you will want to check out.
  • Discussion of whether to turn the inside or outside first in an open segment project.
  • A very interesting discussion on the use of rub joints vs. some kind of clamps.
  • A handy, and for some, timely discussion on how to get Titebond out of your clothes.
  • Malcolm Tibbetts shared this video on Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers:

Wavy Plywood Bowl by John Beaver
Wavy Plywood Bowl by John Beaver
Upcoming Segmented Woodturning Classes

Nov. 2-3, Dec. 7-8, 2011
Segmented Bowl Turning
Instructor: Jon Ross
The Sawdust Shop, Sunnyvale, CA

Chapter web stats:

The chapter website received 4,817 unique visitors in September and 252,018 page views.


  1. John Beaver, loved your wavey plywood bowl. Do you have any information on the making of the bowl that you would care to share ?
    Thank you for your time,

  2. I am looking for Tim Spaulding. I would like to speak to him about a tutorial he did on segmented pens awhile back. If some one could pass this on I would appreciate it. I am not a member here so I have no way of getting in touch with him.

    John T.

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