October Demonstrator – Jack Wayne

jackwaybeapr09This month we are especially happy to have Cap’n Jack as our main attraction. I take no credit nor responsibility for the following bio It was written some four years ago by the Cap’n himself. Today he is a much older but much happier individual.


Jack Wayne, tamer of Dragons, righter of wrongs, rescuer of fair maidens, a modest man with much to be modest about, quietly doing his best to change the world, was born at an early age and left to fend for himself with only the frequent aid of concerned parents and helpful strangers.

His background is best described as eclectic, erratic and impetuous. Growing up on his father’s horse and cattle ranch he quite early developed an appreciation of mechanical devices, but was a terrible welder. He eventually left to join the Army, became a paratrooper, later a fireman, then a teacher, then a boat builder/designer, an engineer for a fiberglass company, a stockbroker…and is now unemployed in his later years. Hobbies have likewise been varied: mineralogy, photography, fishing, racing cars, boats and motorcycles, and building furniture…until infected with the woodturning virus in 1994.

Has served two terms as president and vice-president of the Seattle Woodturners, two terms as president of South Puget Sound Woodturners, and taught woodturning at Seattle Woodcraft for years.

Philosophy is to learn as much as possible, realize that you don’t necessarily have to practice or use all you learn, to pass on that knowledge to others, and help them develop skills to further the craft, to encourage anyone with an interest.

Woodturning is fun, and I do enjoy a good time, and unlike Doug Henderson, I do remember most of the fun I had . Remember always: WOODTURNING IS THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON AND NOT GET ARRESTED…USUALLY.