Message From SPSW President

[note]The following is a message to members of the South Puget Sound Woodturners from SPSW President Dan Stromstad[/note]

powermatic 3520b latheLast Thursday, April 21st, we took a vote and the vast majority of those in attendance wanted the club to improve our lathe and sound system. At the board meeting on Tuesday evening, April 26th, it was approved to purchase both items. Your board of directors donated enough to purchase the sound system which totals $1500.00. Jack Wayne was authorized to finalize the purchase of a Powermatic lathe. We were assured that transporting the new lathe would not be a major problem and we already have a power source at the Fife meeting hall. We will no longer be embarrassed by malfunctioning lathe issues. We will no longer have complaints from our demonstrators regarding the sound system or the lathe. We also saved around $2000.00 off of normal retail on these two purchases. We are working hard to improve the club experience for everyone.

Last Thursday it was mentioned that we would like to have you consider donating to the club so that we can make all the improvements to enhance our meetings. Now is the time for you to step up to the plate and help the club. All donations are tax deductible. Any amount will help, whether it is $20.00, $50.00 or hundreds. We are taking bold steps to improve our meetings.

Our next area of improvement is the video system so that all will be able to see the demonstrators much better. We hope to improve the lighting as well as the projector and camera system. We are planning / hoping to test systems before we buy.

We also have many items for raffling including the signed egg made by Bonnie Klein at our last meeting. All raffle proceeds will help us improve your meeting experience. We are giving to ourselves.

Dan Stromstad

Send donations payable to SPSW to:

Les Johnson
915 Milton Way
Milton, WA 98354