May Demonstrator

Our new SPSW Program Director, Doug Reynolds, just returned from a one-week course on deep hollowing at the Mark Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana. SPSW member Tim Tibbets also attended the same class!

The instructor of this course, Steve Sinner, has been woodturning full-time since 1998. He specializes in large cherry, maple and walnut vessels enhanced with silver leaf, acrylic finishes, and inks. His work is found in museums, galleries, and collections.

Doug was blown away by Steve’s course, and invited him to present at the May and June’s monthly IRD’s. The May IRD will be held at 7:00PM on May 20th and will cover:

• How to mount a green “log” between centers.
• Complete the entire exterior shape of a vessel prior to beginning the hollowing process complete with WHEEL TRACKS.
• How to master the high efficiency boring bar.
• How to turn and dry green vessels with minimal loss to cracking.
• How to sand turnings quickly and thoroughly.
• How to apply various artists’ materials including gilding, patina, pen and ink by brush, cloth and airbrush.
• How to easily apply protective finishes, including high gloss spar urethane to make your work stand out.

Steve has provided a handout, which can be found under the “members only” tab on our website.

If you would like to see some of Steve’s work, you can view some work under the Gallery tab on his website (

Please join us for Steve’s presentations.