June Membership Meeting

Many SPSW members are returning after the AAW Symposium in Portland. We will be conducting a panel discussion/feedback session at our June 21st meeting. We can share this experience with those of you that were unable to attend this wonderful event.

Some of the possible topics:

  • New tends in turning, finishing, woods, shapes, or designs
  • interesting combinations of methods, materials and finishes
  • New tools ( can’t wait to purchase)
  • “WOW” moment
  • “How did they do that” moment
  • How were the sessions and which were enjoyed the most and why?
  • Favorite demonstration and why?
  • What turner did you enjoy watching? Why?
  • Would you attend another AAW symposium?
  • etc….

FYI- Did you win a lathe?

Hope you can join us for this informative discussion.