Invention and Innovation, Part 2

I often wonder how anything beyond a basic bowl shape was turned twenty years ago or more. There have been a significant number of new tools and jigs invented that allow for an amazing array of designs. Several of those have been demonstrated at SPSW meetings.

klein threading jigBonnie Klein was our demonstrator at the April membership meeting. Bonnie is well known for small turnings and especially threaded lid boxes. Bonnie has developed a jig for cutting threads on the boxes.

SPSW member Dave Schweitzer is producing his own line of turning tools. One of those is a diamond beading tool. Those who are skilled with a skew can turn beads of any size with ease, but for those of us that don’t have that touch down yet, the Schweitzer beading tool is great. Dave has a video on the use of the diamond beading tool on our website in the learning center.

Another SPSW member, Paul Crabtree, has developed a line of tools for hollowing, especially long neck hollow forms. Paul has conducted demonstrations in both the monthly membership meetings and at the mini-symposiums. The tools allow for measuring the wall thickness of the vessell while it is being turned.

springett ball toolsFred Holder demonstrated another unique set of tools at the January 2009 membership meeting. Fred demonstrated tools used to turn Chinese balls. These tools were developed by David Springett and carry his name.

What other unique tools or jigs have you seen/used? Leave comments below.