Dr. Don Avery, Avid Turner, Passes Away

[note]This message was received via Fred Holder[/note]

Just a word to let the club know that Dr. Don Avery has passed away and
they are having an auction of his things on September 11, he was an avid
woodworker and woodturner. Perhaps you can get the word out to your
club. Below is the message from his daughter.

Fred Holder, More Woodturning

Dear Fred,

I was going through my father’s emails yesterday and found your note. I
wanted to let you know that very sadly my father died on July 1, very
unexpectedly of a fast-moving cancer.. He was an avid wood turner and
enjoyed learning about it so much.

I’m back in Quilcene Washington at his house and we’re sorting through
all of the stuff in preparation for an auction next Sunday (Sept 11).
It’s one of those sad but necessary things. There will be a tremendous
amount of wood turning equipment, supplies and tools for sale–I’m not
sure if you are in the area, but if you are, or if you have society
members around that you could let know, please come. The website is
http://www.stokesauction.com/offsite5/offsite5.htm, but I think it
doesn’t do full justice to the quantity of tools and wood that my father
amassed, and I know that he would want it to go to fellow wood turners
who would be able to appreciate it. (And if you have suggestions for
people I should reach out to who would want to know, please let me know.)