Bangle Bracelets

Amboyna & Stainless Bracelet by Eric Goertz
Amboyna & Stainless Bracelet by Eric Goertz
There are a wide variety of objects that turners create. Those of us with mini-lathes turn things like pens, bottle stoppers & pepper mills. More recently are projects like razor handles and brushes, pendants and bracelets.

I came across the website of Eric Goertz, a turner who has designed and is producing hardware for creating bracelets. These are made out of machined stainless steel and copper and make the resulting bracelet have a very finished, professional look.

Eric has created a series of videos which are available on You Tube that shows the process from start to end. His website is

I found several people on the woodturning/woodworking forums who have used Eric’s hardware to make bracelets and all have very good reviews. So if you are looking for something different as a gift or to add to your craft show items, check out

Here is the first video in his series.