April Meeting Demonstrator

Two weeks ago I listened in on the AAW’s webinar discussion addressing the advantages of doing “remote demonstrations” at chapter meetings. For the past 2 years several AAW Chapters have been using internet technology that allows a person in their own shop to beam 2-way audio/visual feed to a regular chapter meeting. All the chapters that have used this method report great success! Members like it, world class demonstrators are available, and the club avoids the high cost of travel expenses. Importantly, this technology also allows people to view the demonstration from their home! This additional benefit makes this seem like a viable solution in this time of mandatory social distancing.

Our April 16th Meeting: We held a board meeting using the Zoom program just to test the ease of using this program. It worked very well! The board voted to try presenting a remote demonstration at our next meeting. So I called Lyle Jamieson, who is well known for his hollowing system, and invited him to present on hollowing at the upcoming April 16th SPSW Meeting. Lyle has accepted and will be our speaker at this month’s meeting. Lyle will be demonstrating from his own shop in Michigan and each of us can see it from our own homes!

We will be sending directions by e-mail to all current members, for whom we have email addresses, on how to log into the meeting from your house. This e-mail will answer a lot of the questions I know you will have about how to download the app and participate in the meeting. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can fully participate with any of them. It helps if the device you use to view the demo has both video and audio capability. This is exciting!