AAW Board Message

The following message is from AAW board member Kurt Hertzog

School is back in Session

Kurt Hertzog
As summer closes and the schools return to session, most of the chapters will begin their new season. Three of my chapters meet in public school facilities so we have a forced hiatus during the summer. I assume that most chapters either slow down or have summers “off.” As we begin anew, I’d like to suggest we remember two key components to our woodturning mission. First and foremost is safety. With the unfortunate passing of fellow member Joan Kelly, we should be reminded how important safety is to our pastime or profession. There is no such thing as being too safe. Personal protective equipment, good practices, and continued vigilance are paramount. Believe in them and practice them, continually, not on occasion. The other key item I’d like to remind everyone about is our mission of education. Teaching newcomers, young and not-so-young, is the cornerstone of our foundation. It is our reason for being. Whether you meet in a school, a church, a barn, or a member’s shop, help teach someone else with the skills you have. Help them enjoy the craft. The thrill of the first pen, bowl, bottle stopper, or any other turning is something they’ll remember forever. When your club demos at the bazaar, county fair, 4H, or other event, lend a hand. There is always a need for another turner, helper, greeter, or coffee assistant. Don’t let someone else do it. Raise your hand and volunteer. Remember that someone helped you get started. Share that with others. That also goes for club demos. Don’t wait to be asked. Find the programs officer and volunteer. You don’t need to be a master turner. You need to be willing to share the expertise that you have. Woodturning is all about safety and sharing. Make sure that you are active in both.

Don’t forget that the Board of Directors elections are under way. If you haven’t voted yet, please get to it as the deadline for ballots is October 21. You can find links here to the candidates information and balloting.

Welcome back!

Kurt Hertzog, AAW Board Member