AAW Board Message

This message was sent by AAW Board Member Kurt Hertzog

Australian Disasters

Kurt Hertzog
I am sure you are aware of the natural disasters occurring in Australia. Many of our fellow AAW members have been adversely affected  by the situation.  One of the benefits of AAW membership is the ERF – Emergency Relief Fund. It was started to assist members who suffer in events such as these. The fund is limited and can’t replace the huge losses that many have suffered. It  is intended to help with the loss of  tools, equipment, and materials. If you would like to make a donation to this fund to help those who have been (and continue to be) affected  by the flooding, please use the following link.

Year-End Grand Prize Winner

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Cliff Mann of AZ won the Powermatic 3520B lathe donated by Walter Meier Powermatic/JET (http://www.waltermeier.com/us/en/splash.html). Cliff’s local chapter, the Southern Arizona Woodturners Association, also won their prize of five JET mini-lathes. Not only were they great prizes but  delivery was free. You can see more of the details at this link.

Monthly Drawings/Grand Prize Drawing

We are continuing with our monthly drawings. Nothing is required in order to participate other than being a member of the AAW. We have great prizes each month and will have a grand prize drawing again at the end of 2011. Walter Meier Powermatic/JET has again donated the  grand prize (3520B plus the local chapter’s choice of a JET fullsize or 5 minis).

Our January and February Winners

Thank Our Sponsors

Please make sure that you thank all of our business members for their support of the AAW. These companies (and individuals) help make the organization great and offer many special benefits to our members. Let them know you appreciate them when you do business with them. We also thank those donors of  the monthly and year-end grand prize drawings. You can find a complete listing of those on the website at this link.< Insurance Donations

Many chapters ask how they can assist with the expenses of the AAW. One of the benefits of being an AAW chapter is the insurance which may be required for certain  meeting places and event opportunities.  If your chapter (or an individual) wishes to assist with this expense, you may  make a donation to help. “How much?” is an often asked question.  We’ll graciously accept any donation but many chapters use $1 per member as a guideline.

Almost 14,000

The year 2010 closed with a total AAW membership of 13,941. While we were striving for 14,000, we can call it close enough. To continue to increase  our membership, we ask that the chapters and individual members make a concerted effort to make their fellow woodturners aware of the AAW and the benefits of membership. The programs that are offered are only possible with a strong and growing membership.

AAW Links and Publicity

Getting the word out about the AAW is something that we all can help with. Please include a link on the chapter website to the AAW home. Include one on your personal website as well. When you are asked to provide a bio for demonstrations, publications, or other public events, please include the fact that you are a member of the American Association of Woodturners. We can all help get the word out. If you need publicity materials to hand out at meetings, club events, or demonstrations, contact the Saint Paul office.

Going Green

The option to “go green” on the Resource Directory has been a big success. More than 6,000 members opted to forgo the printed copy. The online version will be available to all members and will always be the most current information available. Thank you to all who decided to make this choice.

AAW 25th Anniversary International Symposium

The time is getting closer. Our 25th Anniversary Symposium preparations, underway for quite some time, have kicked into high gear. You can find all of the latest at http://www.woodturner.org/sym/sym2011/.Registration, volunteer opportunities, special events, and more are to be found there. The site  is continually  updated with the latest information so check back often.