A Great Read

As a woodturner I like to learn skills and techniques from others, whether it be in-person demonstrations, videos, books or articles. Always looking for a good woodturning magazine I found Woodturning from GMC Publications in the UK. Woodturning has well written articles on techniques, tool tests, safety, education opportunities and more. This month’s issue includes articles on steady rests, using pedestals on work, evaporative finishes, fundamentals of hollow turning and more.

Another standard feature is called Community Links, where the editors look for interesting woodturning content on the internet. As it turns out this months Community Links includes Eric Lofstrom’s site. The description says “His website is a rich visual feast as well as having lots of resource material that he has generated for turners to download, covering subjects such as translucent bowls, square-rimmed work, sharpening and much more.” If you are looking for a great resource I recommend Woodturning magazine.

p.s. Neither I nor the South Puget Sound Woodturners receives any compensation as a result of this post. Figured someone would ask.