Woodturning Show Cancelled

We received this message from Joella Oldfield:

Dear Woodturners ~ Due to a lack of responses to our invitation to our 2nd Woodturning Show we have had to make the decision to cancel/postpone the event.

The Heritage Center is a non profit organization with the kids at the heart of it. We can not be spending monies for promotion, prizes and a reception and not know if we actually have a full show. We are hoping you will give us some feed back as to why you did not respond ~ is it the time of year? ~ do we need to have a more selective criteria? ~ is the month long commitment too long? Would you please send us some feed back and we will begin to plan another show.

We wish you a productive and happy summer ~ please stop by the Heritage Center and say Hi.

Warmest Regards ~ Joella

As Joella notes, feedback as to what was the cause for the lack of participation would be appreciated. This has the potential to be a great show and getting your feedback is really important.