Tongue Drum Mallet

Michael Dresdner came to our last meeting representing the Evergreen Woodworkers Guild. They are working on their current year project is support of Camp Goodtimes. Camp Goodtimes is a camp operated by the American Cancer Society for children who had or have cancer.

Last year the guild prepared ukulele kits for the kids to build and take home. This year they are providing tongue drum kits. As part of the kits they need a pair of sticks for each. This is where Michael asked for help from the SPSW. He asked for volunteers to spindle turn the drum mallets for which he provided a sketch. Michael has blanks available. Here are a few FAQs:

1. The head size can be larger than 1 inch, but preferably not smaller.

2. No finish or wax on the mallets.

3. They need to all be the same. It works best when giving them to children, less contention and fewer hurt feelings if they are all the same.

4. It can be turned between centers, so no chuck is required, and can be done with only three or four turning tools.

5. Maple is the wood of choice.

Here is the sketch:

Download (PDF, 493KB)