Sell Your Work

northwest woodturners logoThe Northwest Woodturners in Beaverton, Oregon, had a panel discussion at their November membership meeting on selling your work. In their December newsletter they posted excerpts from the discussions which include:

  • Bob Tuck talking about “Ins and Outs,Trials and Tribulations of the Craft Shows”
  • Gary Sundquist on “How to talk with gallery owners. Learn if their gallery gives a good selling strategy for you.”
  • David Williams: “Fame & Fortune in Woodturning”. Dreams and expectations in a world that can be as
    fickle and elusive as playing the slot machines on the Vegas Strip. From conversations with the famous.
  • Barb Hall on “Trade show booths”.

If you have any interest in selling you work but don’t know where to start, I highly recommend reading this summary in the Northwest Woodturners December Newsletter.