Segmented Woodturners September Chapter Summary

Pac Man
Pac Man by James Lynn
The Segmented Woodturners virtual chapter of the AAW has released the September Club Summary. Here are some of the goings on:

“Key portions” of the Segmented Turners website were close to non-members a few weeks ago. It was felt that they could no longer give away for free what paying members supported. If you are a member and have not renewed, or would like to become a member, go to the Segmented Woodturners website.

Chapter President Malcom Tibbetts issued a chapter challenge, that is a challenge for members. The first challenge is:

  • Create any segmented turning (a vessel, bowl, platter, sculpture, it doesn’t matter, but it must have at least two pieces of wood).
  • You may only use one species of wood.
  • No embellishment (paint, dyes, carving, burning, etc) of any kind is allowed.
  • Size is not important, nor a consideration; it is suggested that the largest dimension not exceed 8” in any direction.

There was a lot of discussion in the forum as this one kicked off since most segmenters generally use multiple species in their turnings. But as the photos of complete works are posted it is apparent that using a single species of wood can produce stunning work. Here a couple of examples:

chapter challenge sphere vasechapter challenge canister 001

Some of the current forum discussions include:

  • disc sanders and whether one is really needed
  • a lively discussion of why some segmenters list the number of segments in a piece and why others don’t
  • can you use a planer instead of a drum sander
  • two threads on buying or building open segment jigs

There is also a classified ads section in the forum.

Segmented Chapter members have recently released videos:

1) Club member, Jim Romick, who plays the lead part in the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway has produced a fun video which shows an abbreviated segmented turning process to making a coffee cup holder for those stainless steel inserts. He also does a great job of showing how to apply a CA finish.

2) Club member, Don Leman has partnered with WoodTreks to produce a series of videos on
segmented wood turning.

  1. Thoughts on Turning Segmented Objects
  2. Calculate the Dimensions of Segmented Pieces
  3. How to Cut Segmented Pieces for Turning Projects
  4. How to Glue Up Segmented Turning Pieces

You can visit WoodTreks to see other interesting videos on wood working.

3) Club member, Denny Edwards, has put together a video to show how he’s made his scalloped oak bowl. You can see it here:

Chapter web stats:

The chapter website received 4,942 unique visitors in August and 244,190 page views.