Segmented Woodturners June Chapter Summary

The Segmented Woodturners virtual chapter of the AAW has released the June Club Summary. Here are some of the goings on:

June is membership renewal month and all members will need to renew before June 30th in order to continue to have access to the full site, like the forum, gallery, and links. Renewal is easier that ever and can be completed through the club website. And with your renewal, or new membership, you will receive a free DVD of the Symposium that was held at Arrowmont last November.

Some of the classes available at the AAW Symposium in St. Paul this month will be conducted by the Segmented Woodturners Chapter president, Malcolm Tibbetts. The classes include:

  • Introduction to Segmented Woodturning
  • Checkered Hollow Form
  • Tricks and Tips for Segmenters
  • Segmented Sculpture
  • Stave Construction

Planning for the next segmented symposium is going on. The date has been set (subject to change) for Oct. 19-21, 2012 at South Lake Tahoe, CA. Suggestions for demonstrators are being requested so make sure to submit your choice.

The June 2011 edition of the American Woodturner has a great five page article on the 2nd Segmented Woodturners symposium. The article also has plenty of pictures too! It’s well worth checking out.

With the current spate of publicized woodturning injuries, a poll is being taken as to how many members use a face shield while turning. As of the time of the club summary, 54 members have replied and 24% of the responders indicated that they “rarely” used a face shield.

Some of the current forum discussions include:

  • How to maintain focus when working with large projects and keeping all in order
  • A discussion on the most efficient way to cut staves for segments
  • A member is getting ready to re-organize his shop and was looking for recommendations on sliding miter saws
  • A question about the best glue to use for gluing acrylic pen blank material into a segmented ring

At last year’s Segmented Turning Symposium, Jamie Donaldson conducted a photography session. He has recently given permission to distribute his training guide, Donaldson Phrugal Photo Studio. You can download it from the Segmented Woodturners website, but you must be logged in first to see it.

The chapter website received 6,146 unique visitors in March and 444,205 page views.