Segmented Turners Monthly Summary

60th anniversary bowl
60th Anniversary Bowl by Tom Kenyon
The Segmented Woodturners virtual chapter of the AAW has published their March summary.

Segmented Symposium

The Segmented Symposium is coming up in October and president Malcolm Tibbetts is encouraging those that are planning to attend to register soon to give the board a better idea of the number of attendees. At the 2010 symposium at Arrowmont had 103 attendees not counting Board members or demonstrators. Register on the symposium registration page. The instructions are here.

smoke signals
Smoke Signals by Wendell Mills
Winter Club Challenge

There have been several entries to the Winter Challenge. The current challenge is to make a feature ring. This is not for a completed vessel, just the feature ring. There are currently sixteen entries. There are unique and beautiful entries which shows the creativity that we have. If you are a member go check out the photos. Submissions are due by April 15th, after which the voting will be opened.


large vase
Large Vase by Kris Hlebechuk
Several interesting discussions in the forum during the past month.

  • Glues – Dennis Keeling recently published a book in which he discussed the best uses for white PVA and yellow aliphatic type glues. This resulted in a forum thread discussion which brands these are and about the improvements in white PVA.
  • Using Google Sketchup – This discussion was to find out if anyone uses to design vessels and if so, how. There are some power users of Sketchup that contributed the pros and cons, and their favorite plugins.
  • Double Sided Tape – There is a good discussion about which type of double sided tape to use and how to remove any residue from your work.
  • Thickness sanding small rings – Member Tom Kenyon shares the design and use of a jig he built for sanding small (<5") rings on his Performax 16-32 thickness sander.
  • Sanding Open Segmented Vase – This thread, started by member Bill Bulloch, asks for suggestions on sanding the inside of his new vessel. Discussion included options for building the vessel and cautions about techniques for sanding the inside.

diamonds and crosses
Diamonds and Crosses by Johnny McCarthy
Upcoming Segmented Turning Classes

May 20 – 26, 2012
Easy Segmented Platters and Expressive Wall Art
Instructor: Linda Sutter
John C. Campbell Folk School

June 3 – 9, 2012
Turning in the Polychromatic Style: Staved Construction
Instructor: Don Russell
John C. Campbell Folk School

June 25 -­‐ 29, 2012
Segmented Turning: pushing your skills to the next level
Instructor: Curt Theobald
Anderson Ranch

July 8 – 14, 2012
Segmented Turning
Instructor: Malcolm Tibbetts

September 4 – 8, 2012
Segmented turning: Where Precision Partners with Turned Elegance
Instructor: Malcolm Tibbetts
The Mark Adams School of Woodworking

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