October Membership Meeting

This month is the last of this year’s Mini-Symposiums. These have proven to be extremely popular events. This is the time to learn some of the techniques which you have been wondering about. As always, we will have several demonstrations set up around the room. You are welcome to attend one or all. Now is your chance to get up close and question the demonstrator.

Please don’t forget that at every Mini-Symposium Andy Firpo has a safety exhibit. As woodturners we do not only use lathes. Band saws and chainsaws are also basic tools of the woodturner. If you are a segmented turner you also use table saws, miter saws, jointers and planers. Safety should always be your number one concern, so stop by and see Andy.

This month’s demonstrators are:

Jack Wayne – Goblets





Roy LaneRoy Lane – Large hollowing







Warren Swift – Yo-yo’s



Jeff SchultzJeff Schultz – Small hollowing







stephanie laneStephanie Lane – Woodburning







Eric LofstromEric Lofstrom – Turning beads with the skew







Dave SchweitzerDave Schweitzer – Sharpening with a diamond wheel







Andy FirpoAndy Firpo – SAFETY







Craig Chatterton – Pen and pen design



If you have tools you would like sharpened, bring them with you. Dave enjoys demonstrating sharpening with dull tools and he would much rather take metal off your dull tools than to continue taking metal off his already sharp tools.