October Demonstrator – Pat McCart

What a terrific hobby!

It all started with a simple phone call from my Uncle, “Hey you want Pops’ old lathe? I’ve been turning bowls and stuff. I’m buying a bigger one. You ought to try it.” So began my journey down the woodturning road.

Everyone has a first time at the lathe, whether it’s a simple pen or a bowl to hold your keys, it will hold a special place in your collection for years to come. My first solo attempt at woodturning resulted in a thick walled, fat bottomed rock hard 4” maple bowl that I forced out with a dull scraper then sanded into submission by a pile of overly used sandpaper. Little did I know that when I gave that bowl to my Mom it would turn into a prized possession that connected 3 generations of my family. What other hobby can do that?

This terrific hobby has also blessed me with many new friends that have enriched my life and expanded my skills and abilities.

I am looking forward to demonstrating the process that I use to make my 3 footed bowls, along with sharing some of the great tips and tricks that I have acquired from the many fine woodturners that have demonstrated for the SPSW.