May Demonstrator – Glenn Schaffer

Picture2Glenn Schaffer is the Police Chief of Chehalis. He is also a respected member of the Woodturners of Olympia,and an artist in his own right. Glenn will be doing a presentation on natural edge vessels and vases.

Glenn moved to Washington a little over eight years ago, from Aspen, Colorado. He started woodturning roughly six years ago and has been on the board of directors for the Woodturners of Olympia since 2012. He states that “My woodturning interests are ever changing and I rarely duplicate the same project for very long, which is what keeps this hobby fascinating for me.”

Glenn’s artistic and creative abilities have to be seen in order to be believed, and you can see a lot of his work on his web page at It is hard to believe that he has only been turning for six years. Browsing through his gallery, a person wonders where all of his ideas came from.