June Demonstrator – Steve Sinner part 2

This month, on the evening of June 17th, we will feature Steve Sinner’s second installment of his 2-part interactive remote demonstration of his deep hollowing. This will be another Zoom presentation.

During our May meeting, Steve demonstrated his method of end-grain turning to produce a vase-like hollow form. This month, Steve will demonstrate how he prepares the now dry rough-turned vase with a second turning, surface prep, and preparation for finishing.

Steve will discuss how to use many different techniques and materials for embellishment and finishing. His presentation will cover gilding with silver foil, patinas, and application of color using many different materials and techniques. Last, he will address application of a finish to protect the work and make it stand out.

If you would like to view more of Steve’s work, please go to his website, under the Gallery tab (advancedlathetools.com/). If you check his site, you will see examples of the many different techniques and materials he uses in his work.