June American Woodturner

Have you seen the latest issue of American Woodturner?

American Woodturner is the official publication of the American Association of Woodturners. You can buy it at most woodworking stores and better book stores. Or even better, you get it free with your membership in the AAW.

The current issue has informative and relevant articles. A feature article is about a year long project to develop a program to teach wood turning to visually impaired and blind people. As you can imagine, there are many issues with teaching our craft to someone who is blind, but they have developed and have been testing this program and will make it available in the near future. As the SPSW has members who have been losing their sight, so this program may be of interest to them.

There is an extensive article by Joshua Friend on kiln-dried, air-dried or green wood and how to deal with each for turning. There is an accompanying article by Larry Zubke that describes how he built a kiln from an old chest freezer.

Looking to try a new technique? Richard May has written a tutorial on turning inside out candle holders.

The AAW recently held its annual symposium, but there are also symposiums held all over the world. This issue of American Woodturner has a review by Malcolm Zander of the inaugural New Zealand International Turning Symposium.

There is much more in this issue, several project tutorials, shop tips, turner profiles and AAW news.