July Demonstrator – Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell demonstrating at an SPSW meeting.
Bruce Campbell demonstrating at an SPSW meeting.
I view myself as a generalist in wood turning. I turn boxes, bowls, vessels, and spindles and also enjoy emerging media such as precious metals, glass and clay into my work. I have sold in craft fairs, shops, and galleries and also do custom millwork, restoration turning, and production turning. When demonstrating I enjoy maintaining a constant information flow that some have said is more like a lesson than a demo.

I enjoy teaching a range of courses including Turning Boxes, Basics of Turning Bowls, Basics of Spindle Turning, Managing Green Wood, Duplicate Spindle Turning, Exploring Design, and Texturing and Coloring……

How many times have I heard someone say, “Oh, I have no talent” or, “I’m no artist”? Yet, each us of has a very highly developed sense of form and style and woodturning offers a wonderful way to explore it…..

My approach to woodturning is influenced by my 30+ years of Japanese Martial Arts training. In martial training we are taught that there are three parts to all things; physical, mental, and spiritual (self actualization). I translate these into woodturning terms as basic technique, design, and personal expression. I approach (and teach) turning this way. First, I encourage the development of good basic skills. Depending on how often and diligently one studies this can take 3 to 10 years. However, once good basic skills are in place one can confidently explore design without worrying “how” to make the cuts.

Studying design can take many years and there is a rich history and cultural diversity to explore. During that study questions of self-expression may begin to rise and ones creative nature begins to assert itself. This can manifest itself in many forms including craft, production, architectural, sculptural, or pushing boundaries to open new forms. For me these are all valid forms of expression.

Courtesy of AAW