January Membership Meeting

with Doug Reynolds

Doug Reynolds began woodworking when, on a layover, he found Woodsmith magazine at the airport bookstore with FREE Plans for a router table. He didn’t have a router table and wasn’t sure what it did but, HEY! FREE PLANS.

He has done commission work and was a founding member of the Evergreeen Woodworkers’ Guild. Now he limits his flat woodwork to making furniture for his two children. “They have better furniture than Mom and me”, he says.

Doug has also been a member of SPSW further back than our records go. He learned turning at Ted Bartholomew’s shop then, started taking turning classes at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana. Doug is our current WoodRat Chair and a member of the Board.

During his presentation on Wood Stabilization he will cover:
• Why to stabilize
• Wood selection
• Equipment required • Curing the blanks
• Wood Prep
• Dying, Double dying and triple dying
• Process of stabilization
• Curing the blanks
• Finish