February Demonstrator – Larry Hauch

Larry HauchLarry has been turning since 2007, when, by chance, a wooden ship model needed a turned mast and some balusters. Never having turned, he picked up a small lathe, a couple of books, and a few DVD’s on woodturning. He attended a Woodturners of Olympia meeting and got hooked on the instant gratification of throwing a log on a lathe and completing a bowl within an hour. Soon after, he took some lessons from Larry Miller, Don Derry, and Jimmy Clewes. Inspired by the works of Binh Pho, he attended the Turn-On Chicago Symposium in 2010 and spent four sessions becoming familiar with Binh’s technique.

As a member of the Woodturners of Olympia, where he has given demos annually at their Turn & Learn Sessions, providing mentoring for other members, he currently is focusing on thin walled bowls and vases that are pierced, airbrushed and wood burned, focusing on natural subjects and wood spirits.

“Most of my turnings are thin walled, to convey light and airy, floating above the chaos of our everyday existence. The form and images of the turnings try to convey the peace of the North woods to the power of the oceans to the tranquility of the garden. I want my images to bring back memories of the smell of the forest, crisp and tangy ocean sprays, the cry of the eagle as it soars through the vast blue sky. The roughness of the bark on natural edge pieces and the smoothness after finishing should stimulate not only the eyes, but the sense of touch.”