February Demo – Terry Broberg, Epoxy Rimmed Bowl

Like many woodturners, I was exposed to a lathe briefly in high school. It was fun to use the different tools and start to understand how they worked. I moved on in life and didn’t start seriously turning until about 8 years ago.

My first lathe was a ShopSmith. I set it up and used a very awkward chuck to make a lighthouse. It was so fun to see the thing shape and develop as the lathe spun around. I was hooked. On a trip to Sumner Woodworking, I learned about our club. After the first meeting, I knew that I was at a place where my skills could be developed and enhanced. The Sawdust Sessions are fantastic!

Over the years I have made lighthouses, hollow forms, bottle stoppers, etc. Two lathes later and I don’t know how much money I have spent; I have settled on making mainly bowls. Each piece of wood presents its own challenges and opportunities as I create a variety of sized and styled pieces.

Resins entered my shop a few years ago. I started filling gaps and cracks and now play with other ways to add color and features to my works.

My demonstration will talk about types of resins, adding in color and solids, as well as how I bring the bowl rim to life. It will basically be a show and tell session with time for many questions.

Let’s learn together.