Cruising and Woodturning

woodturning cruise logoI let you know last month about an event being held by the Northwest Washington Woodturners called the Camping and Turning Rendezvous. This is an opportunity to combine your love of camping and your love of woodturning.

If you prefer something a little higher end, then your event is coming up in August.

The “world famous” Woodturning CruiseTM is scheduled for August 15 through 27. You can sail on the M/S Gann from Stavanger, Norway and visit 12 cities along the way including Bergen and Trondheim. You will experience the Land of the Midnight Sun as you approach the Northern most point in Europe that you can visit.

Along with the cruise experience, you will also be able to attend demonstrations by world class Woodturners. Those who attended the last SPSW membership meeting were able to see Bonnie Klein, one of the eight turners demonstrating on the cruise. Other turners include:

  • Richard Raffan – one of the most sought after demonstrators in the world
  • Jimmy Clewes – amazing teacher and demonstrator known throughout the U.S. and U.K.
  • Mark Baker – turner and editor of Woodturning Magazine
  • Åsmund Vignes – expert on ring tools
  • Glenn Lucas – production turner specializing in salad bowls
  • Nick Agar – well known for decorating turnings of all sizes
  • Rune Hjelen – woodturner and carver who creates traditional styles in modern forms

There will also be several other demonstrators and courses on the cruise covering chip carving, wood carving, pyrography and knife making.

On top of this, passengers will get free tuition and lathe use on the cruise. Three expert Woodturners, Stuart Mortimer, Knut Andreas Lien and David Muckle, will provide woodturning instruction at all levels.

There is no way to detail all of the events and activities that are planned for this cruise. You can get all the information by visiting