Craft Fairs

Do you participate in craft fairs? Do you have an interest in craft fairs but aren’t sure how to find them or if they are worth your effort?

There are several places on the web to get information, but you may not have thought about LinkedIn, the business networking site.

There is a Woodturning group on LinkedIn that has quite a bit of activity. One of the discussions is titled: Craft Fairs – are they dying out? Some of the comments seem to indicate the indeed, craft fairs are dying out. But other comments show that you can still do well at a craft fair, but people’s tastes are changing and what you offer needs to change as well. There was lots of great discussion here.

Another discussion is titled: First Craft Fair this season. This discussion includes times of the year that seem to be best and a discussion of Etsy as a platform for selling your work.

So there you go. Don’t limit your research to the woodturning sites. There are great discussions elsewhere.