Chapter Profile – Honolulu Woodturners

honolulu woodturners logoI came across Ron Kent’s website by way the of Honolulu Woodturners chapter of the AAW.

The Honolulu Woodturners have about 110 members and meet in odd numbered months with demonstrations and other events in even numbered months. Upcoming events include demos by internationally known artists Kip Christensen and Keith Tompkins and the Woodturners Show at Nohea Gallery.

The club has a nice website with lots of great information. This includes all of their newsletters back to the club’s beginning in 2000. They include their officer, members and mentor listings, as well as their by-laws.

One of the first things you will want to do is look at their galleries. The quality and variety of the turnings is stunning. From traditional Hawaiian Calabash bowls and goblets to pepper mills and hollow vessels, there is enough inspiration to keep you going in your shop for a long time.

You will also find a page with great resources with something for every turner. There is also a tips page that has useful tutorials and jigs to help with your turning education. For example, if you attended our last mini-symposium you would have seen Jack Wayne demonstrate turning a collar for a hollow form. If you missed it, there is a nice tutorial on the Honolulu Woodturners’ site.

Take a few minutes and check out the Ron Kent’s website by way the of Honolulu Woodturners‘ website. Who knows, maybe someday you will make a trip to Oahu and will be able to visit their meeting.