Call for Entries

The AAW has put out a call for entries for the 2020 AAW Symposium Themed Member Exhibition. The symposium is being held in Louisville, Kentucky and the exhibition theme is Step up to the Plate. There are two different options for this theme: baseball or horses. Baseball and woodturning go way back and are closely linked, so the theme for 2020 will be baseball related, but don’t feel constrained. Along with being America’s pastime, baseball also contributed many expressions to our language, including “Step up to the plate,” which has been defined as a willingness to take responsibility for something, to rise to the occasion, to accept a challenge. For many of us, finding the best in each piece of wood, each new project, is a chance to rise to a challenge. The phrase also could be a jumping-off point for a narrative work about a personal or societal challenge. Step up to the Plate was also the theme for the 2006 AAW member exhibit. Sometimes a theme is so good we just need to see a replay.

The exhibition is open to any AAW member and full-time students in art, design, or industry-related programs regardless of membership status. All types of turnings are welcome. The entry fee is $25 for up to three items. Applications are due by March 15, 2020 and artists will be notified by Marcy 31, 2020.

More information can be found on the exhibition call web page.