August Demonstrator – Jack Wayne

This month Capt. Jack Wayne will be demonstrating natural edge bowls.

“I have practiced my woodturning since 1995 and if I can put in another 15-20 years I might start getting it right!! Many of you older members in the SPSW might remember me….I was President of SPSW 2 or 3 times, Board Member for way too many times, and occasionally I drop in to do a demo or enjoy the refreshments. Prior to my association with SPSW I was VP of Seattle Wood-turners 3 times, President for 3 or 4 times, and a long standing board member. So I guess this makes me a serial volunteer. I have been honored to do demos at all of the Washington turning clubs, as well as clubs in B.C., Oregon, California, Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Mexico.

I am drawn to almost every aspect of woodturning, but there are a few exceptions: I’m too lazy to do segmented work or ornamental turning, and no interest in pens or duck calls.

My major interest is in learning and teaching. I try to never pass up an opportunity to attend a new demonstration of a tool or technique, and I really love teaching. There is something very special when you see the look in someone’s eyes when they suddenly “get it” , no matter if it is discovering the magic of using the bevel, or realizing you really can turn wood down to paper thin and still be in control!!

The subject of my demo will be Natural Edge turning, and how to address the several peculiarities of turning this style. I hope the tips I give will help new turners expand their range, and perhaps remind experienced turners of the importance of a few basic pointers.

Join me for some fun and perhaps some adventure….Remember: Woodturning is the most fun you can have with your clothes on and not get arrested (usually!!!)”