April President’s Challenge Winner

The President’s Challenge for April was adding resin to your turned piece. Although there were a few entries, they were all very stunning. There was one piece that stood out above the rest, it was a Black Walnut Platter with a resin rim with black walnut shell inlay. The shells are thinly sliced and in order for them to not float to the top of the resin, are glued into the groove and resin added. I have to tell you that the artist is none other than lifetime woodturner, Bob Sievers. I asked Bob how long he has been turning wood and he said ‘forever’; he started turning in high school and has turned every day up until late 2019, he still turns today, just not as often. If you have paid attention in our show-and-tell over the years you can see that Bob is a very talented artist.

Bob came to the Pacific Northwest from Minnesota in 1958 to work at Boeing where he worked for 34 years and has been retired for 31 years so that really is a lifetime of woodturning, I would say over 65 years. WOW! Although he has been a member of the SPSW from the inception as an original member, he has been an ardent supporter of the club and brings his artistry every month he is in attendance.