April Membership Meeting

This month we are having the first of our two Annual Mini Symposiums. For those of you who not attended one, these are meetings where several of our members demonstrate various techniques that have to do with wood turning. These are only possible because our members take this time to share their knowledge with us. Demonstrations wil include everything from sharpening your turning tools (the most important part of turning), to pen turning, to hollowing, and enhancing your turnings.

This time, at a minimum, we will have:

  • Carol Zandell
  • Tammie Bachmeier
  • Michael Poirier
  • Roy Lane
  • Stephany Lane
  • Ken Light
  • Pat McCart

I say at a minimum because we usually have some last minute person who also is willing to demonstrate.

This is a very informal event, so please come and join in the comaraderie.

Two last things,

Pat’s demonstration on tool sharpening depends on you bringing in your new or dull tools.

And we will be having only the Show part of the Show and Tell. So bring in your objets d’art and let the others see them.