April Demonstrator – Jack Wayne

jackwaybeapr09This month we are pleased to have Cap’n Jack Wayne as our demonstrator. Cap’n Jack is one of the most enjoyable people in our club. Always there to be a helping hand wherever he is needed. It is easy to say that he is one of the mainstays of our club. However, we sometimes forget that in addition to being a fine individual, he is also a very gifted and talented turner.

jack-wayne-1You may have noticed that Jack has not been at our last couple of meetings. That is because he has been busy demonstrating at other clubs all over the West. Michael Dresdner once told me that no one is famous within 50 miles of their home. They are just too familiar a sight. That is certainly the situation with Jack. While we see him as just another pretty face (I didn’t really say that did I?), other clubs see him for what he really is, a fantastic teacher and demonstrator.

Jack-Wayne-2Do yourselves a favor, do not miss this demonstration!